What Happens If You Violate Probation?

Find this video on YouTube.

Dallas DWI Lawyer D.Gordon dropped a sweet video last week talking about probation violations. At Lawyers for justice, we get a ton of probation violation questions. Here are just a few examples (from this week alone):

  1. “What happens to me if I violate my probation for marijuana possession?” -Todd, Albuquerque
  2. “If I blow off my anger management class this week, is that a probation violation?” -Sarah, Brunswick
  3. “Can I just ask the judge to give me jail time instead of probation?” -Pablo, Allentown
  4. “My car broke down and I showed up late to my probation officer meeting. She said that’s the same as skipping. Is this correct?” Jenn, Miami

We just don’t have room to list all the probation questions that we get here, but we do suggest that you follow any court ordered probation conditions and speak to a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction if you have any questions.

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